ACE*COMM Corporation, a provider of advanced operations support systems (OSS) technologies, today announced that it has been selected to provide a data collection mediation solution for Kunming Tel, a service provider in Yunnan.

The solution provides the data collection elements from ACE*COMM's Convergent Mediation suite, and will be used for the capture, processing, and storing of transaction records critical to the process of billing customers and managing traffic on the network. Kunming Tel is the telecommunications service provider for Kunming City – the capital city and largest metropolitan area in Yunnan Province, with a population in excess of three million people. ACE*COMM has worked together with ZTE Corporation, China's largest telecommunications equipment provider, to secure this new contract.

The 'data collection' functionality of ACE*COMM's Convergent Mediation solution is part of the process of securing of network usage data. "Collection" typically refers to the process of centralizing data from several sites. Data is gathered directly from multiple network elements and from other data capture adjunct processors.


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