Insignia Solutions today announced that it has entered the Chinese market and has signed its first customers in the region.

Insignia is partnering with Accord Customer Care Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accord Customer Care Solutions Limited (ACCS), who will sell and host Insignia Secure System Provisioning (SSP) On Demand to mobile phone manufacturers across Asia. ACCS is a leading provider of after-market services for consumer mobile communication and digital electronic devices in Asia, operating in 14 countries and employing over 1,000 people.

SSP On Demand enables manufacturers to deploy new capabilities and carry out over-the-air repair of mobile devices, without the need for costly physical recalls. Leading Chinese mobile phone manufacturers SOUTEC and CECT (Huizhou Caliliee Tele Communications Co., Ltd) have signed agreements to use the SSP On Demand service hosted by ACCS.

Insignia Secure System Provisioning is a server software infrastructure product that provides an end-to-end firmware update system for mobile operators and phone manufacturers. SSP reduces bottom line software recall costs by enabling over-the-air repair and inventory management and increases top line revenues by providing Dynamic Capabilities to enable a wide range of new mobile services to existing devices. SSP On Demand is a hosted version of the technology that enables phone manufacturers to broadcast firmware updates across multiple operators using patent-pending technology.


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