Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), the biometric signature verification & natural input software company and a supplier of electronic signature solutions announced today that its 90% owned joint venture, Communication Intelligence Computer Corporation, Ltd. (CICC), has signed a licensing agreement for its InkTools, biometric, electronic signature and natural input software with Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area, China (HEDA).

HEDA is a municipal government of Zhejiang Province charged with responsibility for economic and technological development within the region. Located in the center of Zhejiang Province HEDA is a national-class development area approved by the State Council. As part of a larger project to improve the HEDA Office Automation (OA) solutions it will implement CICC's Inktools product to enable Chinese Handwriting Recognition, document annotation, handwritten email for natural messaging, biometric signature verification and electronic signatures in place of traditional "chops" or "seals."


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