Evermore Software LLC, a Sino-US software joint venture set up in 2000 in Wuxi City, has recently challenged Microsoft's monopoly on Office software by demonstrating an English version of Evermore Integrated Office (EIOffice) at the DEMO 2004 conference.

The result of three years development, the English EIOffice is dubbed the "first real Office," offering a unique and more user-friendly alternative to the Microsoft Office, by combining all the components of a conventional Office suite into one application, acting not only as a word processor, but also a spreadsheet, and a business graphics application at the same time.

EIOffice stores all text, worksheets, graphics, audio, video and slides in one file format, saving the users the trouble to switch from Word processor to Excel or Powerpoint while working on financial spreadsheets or doing documents containing complicated graphics. Written in Java, it works on all operating systems that support Java, including Windows, Linux and Macintosh OS X.


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