Reports today show that Netdragon is planning to launch another Internet game website, after it sold its property to last year.

In contrast to, the new website will serve as a communication platform for games manufacturers, media, game players and writers, and aims to be a source of Internet games literature and also a distribution center. Current rumors suggest that the website will be called, and it seems very much like the Western version of CMP's

As the largest web game provider in China, Netdragon has considerable experience in developing and operating net-based games. It was the first company to introduce the concept of a "Network Games Gateway" to China and has been trying ever since to upgrade it, making the gateway an indispensable part of e-entertainment.


  1. If this is company that runs conquer online i am very very annoyed at case ive been trying to get dealt with
    but your support dept is not even showing me the courtesy or respect that i deserve and its so very annoying when ive spent thousands of dollars on this game but now im getting really irate and have vastly reduced the amount of dbs i purchase and this will remain the case until my case is resolved


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