CRA Initiates China Wireless Research Coverage

China Wireless Communications, Inc. has announced that research firm, Coastal Research Associates, LLC (CRA) of Tampa, Florida has produced a research report on China Wireless Communications, Inc.

Lead analyst Mr. Christopher D. Gilcher has issued his in-depth 15 page research report on China Wireless and the Chinese telecom environment. In his report, Mr. Gilcher outlines the Chinese evolvement within the telecommunications and Internet sector.

Coastal Research Associates, LLC (CRA) is a research firm that provides research services to publicly traded emerging growth companies for a fee. All of CRA's research reports are written by experienced analysts with a goal of providing a fair and balanced assessment of the Company's long-term business prospects. CRA's primary mission is to provide research services to publicly traded emerging growth companies that may have promising long-term investment prospects but who are being overlooked by Wall Street and the investment community at large. China Wireless has paid CRA a fee of 30,000 shares of the Company's restricted common stock in consideration for the production of the report and for subsequent updates to the report.

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