Nokia has enjoyed considerable success in China in recent months with the Nokia ConnectSite base station for new growth markets. A total of 12 provincial Chinese mobile operators have ordered the Nokia ConnectSite as part of routine network expansions or all-new supply contracts.

ConnectSite is an important element of the Nokia Mobile Entry Solution and Products to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators and drive the global mobile subscriber base towards 2 billion in 2008. China, as the largest GSM market in the world, will be a major contributor to this growth. Nokia is already delivering the highly optimized Nokia Connect Site base station solution to subsidiaries of Chinese mobile operators in some of their biggest markets.

The recent deals reinforce the strong demand for a base station such as Nokia ConnectSite, which uses preconfigured installations, a unique "shelter-less installation" concept, and other benefits to squeeze the greatest cost-efficiencies from GSM technology. Nokia ConnectSite, together with optimized services, makes it possible to offer profitable mobile services to rural regions and other areas with relatively low average revenue per user.

The Nokia Connect GSM Solution is an integrated solution that combines optimized network infrastructure, network management systems and operator services. Combined with Nokia entry-level terminals, the Nokia Connect GSM Solution allows operators to realize savings in CAPEX and OPEX and offer handsets and services tailored precisely for entry-level mobile phone customers.


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