chinadotcom corporation, an integrated enterprise software and mobile applications company in China and internationally, today announced one of its mobile units, Newpalm (China) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Newpalm), has launched interactive voice response (IVR) services with China Unicom and expects to launch IVR services with China Mobile in March 2004.

Newpalm has successfully obtained a nationwide IVR services license from China Mobile and has successfully completed its products and services test on the IVR platform offered by China Mobile. Newpalm's IVR services, M-Sky, using the 125907830 access code with China Mobile, is expected to be launched in March this year across China. With China Unicom, Newpalm has successfully combined its X-City product with the joke service and music-on-demand service and has launched IVR services in Jiangsu province with a nationwide access code 101571818.

IVR services are voiced-based service delivery systems that allow subscribers to request information using oral commands over a mobile phone without the intervention of customer service personnel. Subscribers of Newpalm access its IVR services by dialing its pre-set access codes on their mobile handsets. IVR services is expected to become one of the key growth areas in the mobile market sector in China. Mobile subscribers can easily access Newpalm's services via voice with their mobile phones. In addition to SMS, multimedia message services (MMS) and wireless application protocol (WAP), IVR services offer a new and easy way of accessing information and services via mobile devices.


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