The Anti-Spam Coordination Team (ASCT) of the Internet Society of China (ISC) formally published its third "List of Spam Server IP Addresses". A total of 656 IP addresses have been placed on the blacklist: 62 from mainland China, 65 from Taiwan, 6 in Hong Kong and 523 from the rest of the world.

According to Li Yuxiao, who is in charge of Team, the ASCT published two such lists in 2003, covering the IP addresses of 397 spam servers. Most owners of those addresses have apparently voluntarily adopted the necessary measures to deal with the issue, while a few are continuing with spam email.

The ASCT has introduced measures to filter the IP addresses with spam dropping by 26.27% by the end of 2003. Recently, however, spam senders have adopted new methods to circumvent the filters, with the result that numbers are rising once more, seriously affecting normal Internet usage.

The ASCT will continue to keep a close watch on the blacklist, updating it when necessary and monitoring the actions of the corresponding IP address owners–if they fail to adopt effective measures to deal with their mail before April, the ASCT is planning further action.


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