CyberLink Corp., a Taiwan-based developer of digital video software and training solutions, introduced today its DV QuickScan, a technology enabling users to preview their pre-captured camcorder video files up to 6 times faster than real-time previewing.

DV QuickScan is designed to reduce the time and effort in converting digital video (DV) tape into MPEG files, by offering users an easy way to preview and select the content they want captured.

An entire DV tape can be previewed at up to 6 times the normal viewing speed. Individual clips are created at points where the camera was stopped during recording, making it so much easier for users to identify each scene and select only the scenes they want. Check boxes on unwanted clips can be deselected. Meanwhile only those clips that remain selected will be captured. DV QuickScan allows quick-and easy previewing of pre-captured video. DV QuickScan technology is now featured in CyberLink's video editing software, PowerDirector 3, a "start to finish" video-editing software allowing both advanced and entry-level users create eye-catching movies.


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