Concord Communications, an industry leader in optimizing IT services to drive business success, has been selected by Guangdong Telecom – Dongguan Branch (Guangdong Telecom), a wholly owned subsidiary of China Telecom, to provide Concord's eHealth Suite for end-to-end fault and performance management for real-time network and system management.

Guangdong Telecom selected Concord's flagship network management solutions for their value demonstrated through the quick deployment during proof of concept (POC) and the effectiveness in network management. Concord's eHealth E2E Console provides end-to-end, integrated fault and performance management with proactive alarms, and eHealth Live Health monitors network health with useful, intelligent profiles.

The implementation of this initiative including platform setup in Guangdong Telecom's network took only three days and went off without a hitch. Concord's eHealth Suite maps IT services to business needs, measures the critical end-user experience, and manages the network and system of Guangdong Telecom.


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