DemandStream, the lean enterprise automation solution, announced today the successful go-live in YanFeng-Visteon China, one of the largest automotive trim systems suppliers in China.

YanFeng-Visteon implemented DemandStream because of its ability to handle the velocity required to deliver modular assemblies in-line sequenced to the SGM assembly line. With this capability, DemandStream manages and communicates the material requirements all the way from the plant floor outward to the entire vendor supply chain.

DemandStream worked closely with the YanFeng-Visteon SGM Cockpit project team, from September 2003, until early February 2004. Within 6 months, YanFeng-Visteon built a new factory near SGM, moved the production line to the new facility and started cockpit production. Now every SGM vehicle's cockpit comes from YanFeng-Visteon.


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