Indus International Inc., a provider of Service Delivery Management solutions, today announced a license contract with Ma Gang Holdings Limited, sold through Indus' reseller partner in China, North 22 Solutions Ltd.

Ma Gang is one of China's iron and steel producers and the largest H-beam producer in China. The company selected Indus EMPAC and Curator solutions to support its asset and workflow management systems to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance value throughout its 11 H-beam production mills in China.

The Chinese language version of EMPAC and Curator was sold as part of a master software distribution agreement with Shanghai-based North 22 Solutions. Indus and North 22 Solutions have actively collaborated to develop fully functional Indus EMPAC and Curator solutions in the Chinese language to support the growing need for advanced EAM solutions in the Asian-Pacific market. EMPAC features a scalable and flexible EAM system for complex asset intensive enterprises and global operations. The solution manages an enterprise's entire lifecycle of assets–from disposition to retirement. Indus Curator extends the functionality of the EMPAC solution and enables clients to manage and route documents to optimize the flow of information through their enterprise. Curator integrates enterprise document management, imaging, workflow and multimedia capabilities with EMPAC.


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