AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc., a provider of high-quality software and solutions in China, today announced that it has won a contract from China Telecom to construct a nation-wide standard business support system for the carrier's Intelligent Network Backbone.

China Telecom is a provider of fixed-line telephone, data, Internet and leased line services in China. In response to growing competition in China's telecommunications industry, China Telecom is shifting its focus from expanding network capacity to tailoring services to better meet customer needs. In line with this, China Telecom has decided to construct a nation-wide business support system that will enhance customer relationship management, customer satisfaction analysis, and operation efficiency of the carrier's intelligent network backbone. An "intelligent network" refers to a software-based telecommunications network that provides the operator with the means to develop, control and customize services more efficiently.

Under the terms of the contract, AsiaInfo will employ advanced technology to reconstruct and upgrade China Telecom's existing operation management system into a nation-wide information management platform that can facilitate central access, central management, central data processing and analysis. The result will be a national database that will provide a strong business support system for China Telecom's many divisions, from marketing and sales, to customer service, and business management.


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