Nanwang Multimedia, a leading provider of digital encoder applications and video surveillance equipment, and On2 Technologies, Inc. today announced that Nanwang has licensed the On2 VP6 codec for use in its surveillance and digital video recorder (DVR) devices.

The license covers the sale of these products by Nanwang in China. Nanwang Multimedia is one of the high technology enterprises in Zhejiang province, employs over 90 scientists with doctorates or masters degrees and has 25 national patents. The company's primary customers are in the power, telecom, communications, finance and public securities markets. The company builds digital video surveillance, video conference, network equipment, auto-tracking dome cameras, and IP telephony products. On2's VP6 video compression software has been licensed to a number of companies including AOL, Texas Instruments, the BBC, ABC News, and Sony.


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