Lucent Technologies today announced that Shanghai Metro has selected Lucent's next-generation optical networking solutions for the second phase of its transmission network project.

This phase will focus on the operation of Line 4 of the public transportation system in the city. Shanghai Posts and Telecommunications Equipment (PTIC), a Lucent Business Partner that has worked with Shanghai Metro and Lucent on the project for the transportation agency's Line 1 operation since February 2003, will provide post- sales support for this project as well.

Lucent's optical solutions are already being used to link subway stations on one route of Shanghai's metropolitan subway system and to improve its multiservice network. Shanghai Metro Line 4, which is expected to be operational in 2005, has 17 stops along a 22 kilometer route. Upon completion, Line 4 will form a ring with Line 3 and connect with the existing Line 1 and Line 2 routes.

Lucent will supply the WaveStar ADM 16/1 multiplexer and the WaveStar ITM-SC network management system to build a cost- effective transmission network for voice, data and video traffic among control centers, metro stops and metro police dispatches. With a deployed base of more than 25,000 systems worldwide, the WaveStar ADM 16/1 product is one of the company's successful optical multiplexers for the SDH market, and can be used for interoffice, access or regional applications. The system does this by combining multiple low-speed electrical and optical inputs into a single 2.5 Gb/s signal.

Shanghai Metro also will be deploying the WaveStar ITM-SC (Integrated Transport Management–Subnetwork Controller), which provides element management functions for optical transport networks as part of Lucent's Navis Optical Management Solution portfolio of software products. The Navis Optical Management Solution, makes it easy for carriers to integrate this product into their existing SDH network, and is part of Navis iOperations Software, Lucent's open, standards-based portfolio of Network and Element Management Systems.


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