Spirent Communications has become the first communications test company to announce that its DSL service assurance solutions are compliant with China Telecom's 112 ADSL automated testing standard.

China boasts the world's largest number of DSL lines with 10.9 million at the end of 2003, according to DSL Forum.

Spirent's DSL test hardware and software, used by many of the world's largest telecommunications companies, help service providers automate and improve the provisioning, management and troubleshooting of DSL lines. Under the 112 ADSL test standard, Spirent's CopperMax and REACT solutions provide narrowband and wideband physical tests, DSL sync and throughput tests, and IP connectivity testing to quickly verify, isolate and clear troubles. The solutions also provide service management software for provisioning and troubleshooting.

Spirent's CopperMax solution consists of feature-rich test heads, external test access devices and an expert ADSL test server to control the test devices and perform analysis of results. The test heads can also control the integrated test access relays found in most DSLAMs to further reduce the cost of deployment. In addition, CopperMax test heads are designed to support the latest DSL technologies such as ADSL2, ADSL2+, RE-ADSL2 and G.SHDSL. Spirent's test server interfaces with DSLAM equipment to retrieve performance information and statistics used to improve service quality. The test server also provides northbound interface and tools to integrate with the local 112 platform, and allows graphical user interface (GUI) customization to meet with regional telecom companies' operation and maintenance requirements.

The company also announced it has performed interoperability testing with a number of Chinese DSL equipment manufacturers, including Alcatel Shanghai Bell, UTStarcom, and ZTE. Spirent also has been working with companies in China to conduct protocol and interoperability testing on ADSL terminal devices and to offer physical layer testing for DSL line quality, line condition and noise impairment.


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