ManagerZone AB, a company that provides interactive sports manager games to online soccer/football aficionados, recently signed a strategic business partnership with China based Fujian Newland Network S&T, Ltd (Newland).

ManagerZone has licensed the game to Newland for a period of three years. The terms of the agreement include an undisclosed fixed license fee as well as a portion of the total revenue.

Operating ManagerZone is unique in every country and requires a local presence to address marketing, language translation, payment systems, infrastructure, and member support. Newland will manage all aspects of the business including setup of the local data center, payment systems, internal test, marketing, public test, and launch into production. Newland has established a marketing team to address all business development efforts including preparation of marketing materials, establishment of media partners, press releases, and promotional campaigns. Additionally this group will work with local football associations, clubs, and community portals to promote the game.

Preparation of the data center has already begun with completion of setup, game customizations, language translation, and payment systems scheduled for July, 2004. Internal testing is scheduled through September with the Public launch planned for October, 2004. As ManagerZone continues to expand its member base across 35 countries with 17 languages and over 300,000 members, the company records a monthly average of 50,000 new members and 350 million page views.


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