Cisco Systems Inc. has further delayed its copyright lawsuit against Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., after submitting a request on March 31 asking the U.S. District Court in Marshall, Texas, to suspend the lawsuit another six months.

"The parties now request an additional stay to complete the review process that is currently underway," Cisco and Huawei said in the court documents. The request was granted on April 1.

Cisco began legal proceedings against Huawei in January 2003, when it accused China's largest maker of telecommunications gear with copying its intellectual property, documents and other material, and infringing on several patents. With the majority of Huawei's sales coming from the telecoms sector and especially the corporate business, where Cisco reigns, the company has formed a joint venture with Cisco rival 3Com Corp.

Cisco's lawsuit was suspended since Oct. 23, 2003, after Huawei agreed to stop selling disputed products and submit any modified gear to an independent expert for review. Cisco officials declined further comment.


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