Linktone Ltd., a provider of wireless media, entertainment and communications services in China, today announced that it has officially launched two new wireless voice entertainment services, "Story Teller" and "Mobile Voice Greetings", that are distributed over China Mobile's interactive voice response (IVR) system.

IVR technology allows mobile phone users to access information and services by interacting with a pre-programmed voice response system.

Using the "Story Teller" service, customers can access narratives from Linktone's library of approximately 2,000 stories, ranging in categories from romance, horror, and mysteries to popular Internet short novels. Linktone offers a consistently expanding inventory of stories, with over 90% of these adapted internally for distribution over China Mobile's IVR system. Linktone also works with Chinese celebrities for additional content that is particularly appealing to the young mobile generation in China.

Linktone's "Mobile Voice Greetings" service also leverages Linktone's content partnerships, as well as proprietary content capabilities. This service enables mobile users to send and receive pre-recorded personalized greeting messages along with songs or pieces of music from the extensive collection of 5,000 international and Chinese songs, which the Company offers in conjunction with its content partners.

Linktone charges content fees for both services on a per minute basis and shares part of the revenue with China Mobile.


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