Tengtu International Corp. and Microsoft (China) jointly launched the Tengtu Education Resource for Microsoft Office at the Forum on Software for Computerized Education in Beijing on Friday.

"The main feature of this software is the total integration of the Microsoft Office platform into Tengtu's kindergarten to grade 12 education resources," said John Watt, President of Tengtu International. "It has all the functions that Microsoft Office offers plus enhanced functionalities specifically developed for teachers." Tengtu Education Resource for Microsoft Office is complementary to Tengtu's other products and services. "The client-side application, which this new solution offers, is expected to accelerate our penetration of the Chinese market for our portals, satellite systems and content resources," added Mr. Watt.

Established in 1996, Tengtu International Corp. is the provider of integrated education software and distance learning solutions in China. Its wholly-owned subsidiary has been chosen by China's Ministry of Education to be the operating partner in the deployment of China's national education portal and distance learning network (CBERC) to make computerized education available to 250 million students in China's primary and secondary schools. Tengtu International Corp. and its joint venture partners employ more than 400 people in offices in Asia and North America and have more than 35,000 schools and 17.5 million students connected to its information network in China.


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