Sun Microsystems, Inc., the inventor of the Java technology platform, today announced that Shenzhen Kingdee Middleware Co., Ltd. (Kingdee Middleware) has licensed the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) version 1.4.

As a middleware provider in China and supporter of Windows technology, three tier component architecture and Internet- and J2EE-based technology, Kingdee Middleware enjoys a leading position throughout China in Java-based core technology solutions and application development.

Today's announcement adds to the worldwide adoption of the J2EE version 1.4 specification and expands the Web services market in China. Apusic Application Server, the flagship product from Kingdee Middleware, acts as a platform for customers to run, implement, and develop distributed applications when constructing new business systems. Since the successful launch of the Apusic Application Server version 1.0 in December 2000, Kingdee Middleware has continually evolved over the past four years to build on the latest technology specifications and customer requirements. Apusic Application Server has been implemented by many customers such as The People's Bank of China, Guangdong Administration for Industry & Commerce, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Chenzhou Municipal People's Government, Beijing Highway Bureau, Xiamen Highway Bureau, Guangzhou Dongshan District Government, etc., which has aggressively promoted China's informatization construction.


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