China's supercomputer, which is operated out of the Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNIC, CAS), is expected to play an important role in the weather forecast during Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

Used to provide long-distance calculation services based on networking, and with a sustained performance of 4 TFlops, the Lenovo DeepComp 6800–currently China's fastest computer and 14th among the top 500 worldwide–will simulate upcoming weather during the Games. The DeepComp 6800 is 300 times more efficient in numerical simulations than a Pentium 4 (4.2 G) computer, and 30 times more efficient than a computer with a sustained performance of one TFlop.

Currently, the CNIC, CAS has four supercomputers running at 6.4 TFLops, 9.6 TFlops, 11.70 TFlops and 5 TFlops respectively. With multiple programming languages and engineering application software, the computers form a powerful super calculation environment and provide super calculation services through CSTNet ( A calculation service of more then ten of million CPU hours is being provided to over 100 customers at present.


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