CNET China, a subsidiary of CNET Networks, Inc., has adopted E-Book Systems' Digital Flip Technology.

E-Book Systems creates dynamic 3-D page-turning digital "FlipBooks" out of any document. CNET China will start by offering three magazines: PC Professional China, CWEEK China and SmartPartner China, in the dynamic 3-D page flipping format.

Now, with the Digital Flip technology, visitors who go to CNET's site can click on a link to automatically download the magazines. Readers will need to install FlipViewer, which enables the magazine to be viewed as it appears in the printed version. Once the program is downloaded and for all subsequent visits, the reader needs only to click on the magazine link on the site and the FlipBook version of the publication will open immediately.

CNET China is also using E-Book Systems' FlipAnalyzer service, which tracks the usage of FlipBooks in terms of page views, click throughs, and time spent on reading content pages and ads and will generate reports to help manage the effectiveness of FlipBook content distribution strategy. This service will also help CNET China determine their overall circulation.


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