VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd., the intellectual property (IP) and design service provider for China-based wafer foundries, and Denali Software today announced a partnership to provide silicon-proven memory interface solutions for those foundries.

Through the partnership, VeriSilicon and Denali will develop a series of integrated, process-specific memory interface IP that incorporates VeriSilicon's production-proven standard cell library and high speed IO interfaces with Denali's Databahn DDR memory controller IP. It will allow designers to access silicon-hardened SDRAM/DDR1, mobile DDR1, DDR1/DDR2 memory controllers and future memory interface-based IP. Having a proven GDSII core and all associated design views will reduce risk and the cost of support. It also will accelerate time to market with higher quality end products that meet timing and functionality in a single silicon pass.

Wayne Dai, President and CEO of VeriSilicon Holdings stated, "We are excited about working with Denali and the ability to include integrated DDR solutions in our extensive IP catalog for all major China based wafer foundries, such as SMIC, GSMC, HHNEC and ASMC. This partnership also enhances VeriSilicon's deep submicron design service capability for a variety of DDR related applications."

VeriSilicon is an application specific integrated (ASIC) design foundry focusing on providing IP, design services and turnkey solutions for China-based wafer foundries. It has operation centers in China (Shanghai), Taiwan (Neihu) and the United States (Silicon Valley) to service worldwide customers.


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