China Wireless Communications, Inc. announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with China Satellite Communications Beijing Branch.

This agreement grants China Wireless the distributorship of Internet Phone services for China Satellite Communications. In China, the cost of placing an Internet phone call is significantly less than traditional fixed line phone service. The cost of traditional fixed line service continues to increase at a significant rate. It is expected that this agreement will provide substantial benefits for both companies.

As a state-owned backbone enterprise, China Satellite Communications Corporation is one of the six telecom operators in China, under the management of the Ministry of Information Industry. Its members include China Telecom Broadcast Satellite Corp., China Orient Telecom Satellite Company Co. Ltd., China Space Mobile Satellite Telecom Co., Ltd., China Posts & Telecom Translation Service Corp. and China Telecom (Hong Kong) Chinasat Corp. The major services of China Satellite Communication include satellite special services in communications, broadcast and other fields, satellite mobile communications services, Internet services and VSAT services, network services, 3.5G WLAN services, 800MHz trunking services and comprehensive data services based on GPS, audio, data and multimedia services based on satellite transmission technology, technical services and import & export services relating to satellite communications services.


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