Aixtron is announced that the BMBF (International Bureaus of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research) approved the funding for a joint project to establish an R&D training center in China for optical technologies.

Tsinghua University, Beijing, RWTH Aachen University of Technology and Hong Kong University (HKUST) will partner Aixtron in this joint program. The scope of the program is the advancement of R&D as well as training in the field of Compound Semiconductor for optoelectronic applications. A rapid technology transfer to support the fast growing Compound Semiconductor industry in China will be necessary. Therefore business students and engineers of small and medium sized companies will be trained to develop competitive new products in the field of optoelectronic using Aixtron technology. Basic physical understanding as well as modern device concepts, e. g. for telecom lasers, for white LED technology etc. will be imparted.

Planned project steps comprise an MOCVD short course in China giving basics of Compound Semiconductor Technology, electronic and optoelectronic devices, production issues, and the usage of nanotechnology for improved devices. Further hands on lab courses will be conducted in China using state-of-the-art MOCVD equipment. These courses will include the improvement of material and device quality, yield management and other relevant topics. At a later stage, Chinese students and engineers will do scientific work in Aachen regarding GaN on Si for solid state lighting, new laser concepts, improved LED manufacturing, high power high frequency HEMT.


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