Telecom Communications, Inc. today announced a new business model offering Integrated Communications Network Solutions and becoming a Content Service Provider called Total Solutions.

Telecom also announced the acquisition of SMS/MMS Call Center CRM System, a software system providing SMS/MMS over wireless protocol and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions to businesses. Under the terms of the agreement, Telecom will provide approximately $1.1 million in capital to software developer Gold Swallow Shop Limited.

Telecom signed a three year contract valued at approximately $4.32 million with Taikang Corp. last month. Telecom projects to receive a total solutions license fee $3.96 million plus $0.36 million in support fees. The result of purchasing this SMS/MMS Call Center CRM System creates a fixed revenue of $120,000 monthly over 36 months. The closing of the deal has no effect on SMS/MMS Call Center CRM System's existing customers as they will continue to receive the same services, but under the Telecom brand. Telecom plans an aggressive expansion of Total Solutions to application service provider master license fee business model to more than 10 of the top integration of contents, networking database and software system before or on the end of 2005.

At the center of the Total Solution is a full-feature, hosted SMS/MMS solution that offers advanced Internet, wireless capabilities without the need to install expensive hardware at the customer location. In addition, each user gets a unique code number and an associated web to manage incoming and outgoing short messages, multimedia messages, phone calls, voice mails and emails with one common interface. The Total Solution service also allows simple, rapid administration of a company's telecom services, including adding new customers and moving telephone number locations online without the cost of a telecom support department.

The Total Solution web allows users to consolidate their multiple phone numbers (home, office, mobile) with a single personal telephone number so callers reach them wherever they are. A personal virtual SMS/MMS number handles all incoming faxes. The unified visual mailbox conveniently manages voicemail and faxes just like e-mail. Robust call logs and integration with Microsoft Windows Media Player and Instant Message allow users to make and auto reply regular questions with just a mouse click. Web collaboration and MMS interact are easy to use anywhere anytime.


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