Ocloud Software, the maker of Shareware Assistant (SWA), has teamed up with CD/DVD on-demand manufacturing and fulfillment leader SwiftCD to provide a new and improved, integrated software solution for software developers wishing to use SwiftCD for physical delivery of their products.

Shareware Assistant is a program designed to assist developers in tracking their sales, processing orders automatically and assisting in better management and organization of customer information. And version 1.0 of Shareware Assistant includes an automated SwiftCD XML interface. Software developers can enter their SwiftCD customer information, and then use the Shareware Assistant interface to automatically send XML orders to SwiftCD. Since Shareware Assistant has e-mail parsing support for most major registration services, this means that software authors can use the software as a bridge between registration services that don't support SwiftCD and the SwiftCD service. This gives the software author an ¡®off the shelf' solution rather than having to develop code to parse orders and send XML to SwiftCD.

Established in 2001, Ocloud Software is a software provider located in Chengdu, which specializes in the creation of comprehensive e-mail processing tools for a global audience. With Mail Direct and Mady MTA leading its impressive line of products, Ocloud is constantly developing new software applications that assist people in receiving, organizing and dealing with e-mails more quickly, conveniently, and easily. Shareware Assistant (or SWA) is the company's newest tool, created in order to assist developers in managing and processing their online sales.


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