China Wireless Communications, Inc. recently announced that it has acquired and is deploying fiber optic technology to build a high speed broadband metro network in Shenzhen, China.

China Wireless' second city fiber network deployment can support over 100,000 business-class high speed broadband connections. The network is 60 kilometers in length, and forms the foundation for China Wireless' high speed broadband transport expansion into Shenzhen.

As the first special economic zone, Shenzhen is one of the most active economic cities in China. Its average GDP increases at a rate of 14% each year. The fast-developing city has attracted several business corporations domestically and internationally fueling its growth. According to statistical data from Shenzhen authorities, the city has attracted over 6,000 foreign enterprises which require high-speed cost-effective broadband connections. It is expected that Shenzhen will be another large broadband market in China.


  1. I am NOT impressed with China's 'Broadband' systems. I am an American living in China. I use China Telecom's ADSL and am LUCKY if I get 150k. I ask, I BEG them for a faster connection, would GLADLY PAY MORE for a decent connection, they just say NO, that 'NORMAL people don't NEED a faster connection. I guess that means that since I'm not a 'Party Member' I don't NEED it. :+(

  2. I am also not happy at all with the net in China. The most obvious thing is, when you are forced to tunnel ALL traffic over SSH because most of the 'internet' is blocked, and EVERY POP/SMTP email is intercepted and scanned and sometimes deleted, it really doesn't matter what technology you are using its going to be SLOW.

    Shenzhen's GDP is only growing that fast because that is the GDP of 3Mil 'locals' it doesn't include the 5Mil peasant "migrant" workers from rural areas who live in tin huts next to their respective building sites (owned by a local).


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