Lenovo Group, China's biggest personal computer maker, lost market share to major international rivals in the second quarter as Asia-Pacific personal computer shipments jumped 20% according to information technology adviser IDC.

Lenovo's share of the PC market dropped to 12.1% in the second quarter from 12.7% a year earlier. However IDC said first quarter data were skewed because of the traditionally slow lunar New Year holidays and on Lenovo's restructuring which ended in March. Lenovo also showed the smallest growth in units shipped with a 14.1% increase despite increased sales to government bureaus, schools and Internet cafes.

All major international manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM and Dell gained second quarter market share in Asia-Pacific from the year before. HP boosted its share of the market to 11.1% from 9.8% on a 35.7% increase in units shipped. IBM rose to 7.8% market share from 7.3% while Dell jumped from 6.4% to 7.4% IBM showed an increase of 27.5% units shipped and Dell's shipments rose 38.8%.


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