It is being reported that Cisco Systems has dropped its copyright lawsuit against Huawei Technologies, which it filed last year.

"Huawei had agreed to change its command line interface, user manuals, help screens and portions of its source code to address Cisco's concerns," Cisco said in a statement. "The completion of the lawsuit comes after a third party review of Huawei's products, and after Huawei discontinued the sale of products at issue in the suit; agreed to only offer for sale new, modified products on a worldwide basis; and submitted its relevant products for review by a neutral third party expert.


  1. Cisco should have sued the pants out of Huawei Technologies. Huawei Technologies are typical Chinese company that tried to steal and pirating American and other countries Research and Development instead performing their own, because they do not have the brain and technologies. Their governmental system and leaders are oxymoron. I am half Chinese and Vietnamese, but when I hear these kinds of things; I am ashamed to be part of the Chinese heritage.


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