China's electronic gaming regulator discovered 56 kinds of illegal or 'unhealthy' electronic games in its capital market from April to June, and has severely punished the publishers, producers and sellers.

Some of the publishing and producing companies will be transferred to judicial departments for penalties, said an official in charge of the audio-video, electronic and Internet publication administration with the State Administration of Press and Publications (SAPP). Problems with the 56 games, said the unnamed official, fall into five categories.

Some electronic games violated China's gaming regulations that prohibit introduction of games hurting national dignity and interests. "Project IGI2: Covert Strike" describes an attack on Chinese soldiers and is thought to smear the Chinese army's image, while "Hearts of Iron" advocates Tibet independence and includes Taiwan in the territory of Japan. Some companies brought in foreign electronic games without the SAPP approval. For example, Sichuan Electronic Audio-Video Publishing Center illegally published "The Age of Empires". Some companies, like Jilin Electronic Audio-Video Publishing Center, published "Project IGI2: Covert Strike" as an audio-video product. Some companies are not authorized to publish electronic games, but they still engage in this business to make profits.

Piracy of foreign electronic games is still rampant. Beijing Century Thunder Digital Sci-Tech Co. Ltd. launched a large promotion for the game "Winning 11", which turned out to be a pirated product. Targeting these problems, SAPP strengthened the market supervision during the investigation, said the official. The administration has closed a video shop selling "Hearts of Iron", and launched an investigation on Beijing Century Thunder Digital Sci-Tech Co. Ltd for its illegal introduction and publication of "Winning 11" and "Championship Manager".


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