Wipro, one of India's largest software and services companies, has set up a base in Shanghai to offer services to the Chinese operations of its multinational customers.

The focus of Wipro Shanghai will be on localization and implementation of packaged software from suppliers such as SAP and Oracle. It will also concentrate on IT infrastructure services, rather than on core software development, which will continue to be done from India, according to Masaki Nagao, president of Wipro's Japanese subsidiary.

Wipro Shanghai will primarily serve the operations in China of Wipro's global customers, though later it may address the local Chinese market as well, Nagao added. Wipro has so far invested U$200,000 (£110,000) in the Shanghai operation. Of Wipro's top 25 customers in Japan, 21 have operations in China, some of whom have requested Wipro services for their operations in China, according to Nagao.


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