The formal establishment of China's Open Source Software Promotion Alliance, the first open source software (OSS) organization of China, was announced recently, indicating that the open source software with Linux as the representative has developed into a new stage.

Experts hold that the OSS is a trend of the future software development. To take Linux's open source as a point to break through in the promotion of the industry's core competitiveness and the formation of an independent development system for the software industry has become an important strategic issue for the development of China's software industry.

The strong lineup of enterprises in this alliance implies that the commercial prospect of Linux is highly rated. Domestic and international corporations, such as Beijing Co-Create Open Source, Zhongbiao Software, Red Flag, Wuxi Evermore Software, Kingsoft, Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000, IBM, HP, Intel, and Novell, are all initiators of this alliance.


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