Jabber, Inc., a provider of real-time messaging, announced a reseller agreement with CN-Ease International. CN-Ease, with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, is an established reseller of American technologies to markets in China. Jabber's Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP) is one of the world's most widely deployed commercial messaging and presence platforms.

Jabber's proprietary software is based upon the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), the only IETF-approved Internet standard for presence and instant messaging (IM).

"IM and other presence-enabled solutions deliver significant value to enterprises who want to improve productivity, lower cost and solve existing communication gaps. The demand for real-time messaging in Asia is growing fast," said William Chung, CN-Ease International's VP of Marketing and Business Development. "Jabber XCP is one of the best messaging and presence platforms on the market. It is secure, reliable, scalable, highly extensible and flexible. Jabber XCP adds the power of presence and IM to nearly any device or application."

Chung noted examples of presence-enabled applications in the CRM, logistics, financial-trading and customer-service realms — sectors where Jabber, Inc. already has significant deployments. Combined with Jabber, Inc.'s wireless client suite, CN-Ease expects Jabber XCP will be well received by the massive mobile markets that spread across China and the rest of East Asia.

"We are proud to partner with CN-Ease to accommodate, through local resources, the growing level of interest we receive from Asian markets," said Rick Emery, Jabber, Inc.'s VP of Business Development. "With its ubiquitous mobile user base and growing appetite for real-time enterprise services, we believe Asian markets are primed for Jabber XCP-based applications."


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