The purchase of mooncake coupons online has risen sharply with the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival drawing near.

EBay, one of the country's leading e-business platforms, said about 500 mooncake coupon deals were successfully made each week since going on sale, about 60% higher than last year. Coupons popular online include famous brands such as Xinhualou and Xinya, two Shanghai-based food-stuff producers.

Most bids were by Shanghai people with surplus mooncake coupons looking to sell them at a discount–usually 80% of its market price. Another way to get rid of extra coupons was to sell them at a discount to scalpers. But the illegal purchase is not so reliable. Online purchases, therefore, became an effective way to solve coupon flow between surplus holders and mooncake fans.

To prevent professional scalpers, eBay launched an online monitoring system this year. Individuals caught scalping online will be identified on their personal credit record or even refused entry to eBay EachNet for future e-purchases.


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