To help companies buy from, sell to and form partnerships with Chinese companies and consumers, InterLingua is expanding the suite of services it already offers in Japan to China.

These include:

1. Website localization–this could mean simple translation of websites into Chinese, or re-designing them completely in order to be culturally and aesthetically correct.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)–as with English language search engines, such as Google, users can increase their chances of being among the top hits on Chinese language search engines by altering their content. InterLingua will consult with companies to accommodate the search strategies of (which has been endorsed by the Chinese government, as well as by China's three main internet portals, Sina, Sohu, and Netease), Baidu (in which Google has a minority stake), and Yisou (Yahoo's China search engine).

3. Online auctions–Not only has Ebay entered the Chinese market, but there are other Internet auction sites that U.S. firms may want to utilize. InterLingua can translate/post merchandise listings, as well as translate any communications between the parties.

4. Online advertising–China's websites carry advertising (including Google-like adwords) just like English language websites. InterLingua can help U.S. firms design and place advertising on Chinese language websites.

5. Online Public Relations–Chinese print and electronic publications receive press releases via email. InterLingua can help U.S. companies create a database of Chinese media and help distribute press releases to the targeted media.


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