After two years' of preparation, Microsoft, which only recently formally entered the mobile phone arena, has launched a new campaign in Beijing to win the mobile phone core system market.

From this month, more than 30 mobile phones running Microsoft's Windows Mobile system will make a collective appearance in the market, and more than ten promotional shows will be arranged in advanced office buildings and shopping malls across the city.

Microsoft will head up the initiative, with 30 mobile phone manufactures providing back-up. Nor is this the only effort in play ┬ĘC the domestic media are quoting Microsoft's Mobile Product Undertaking Department Supervisor as indicating that larger campaigns were on the way.


  1. WP7.x has difficulties to deliver features which you have with a basic Symbian S40 device, also the WP7 will not be possible to update to WP8, which makes a WP7 device to be without new applications after the launch of WP8.
    WP8 still has the same bug, that a simple SMS can lock the phones communication system and the only way to fix it is to revert back to factory settings which means you will loose all the data stored on the device. Also WP8 has less support for MS-Office documents than Android, iOS, Mer/MeeGo/Maemo/Tizen has.
    The sales from Nokia shows that in most markets people don't want to have a WP phone, as Nokia has lost 2/3 of it's sale from a year ago.


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