China's first inspection of network games has been completed, and it has been learned that the Ministry of Culture has abolished six network games–"Heart of Iron", "IGI 2: Covert Strike", "Order & Conquer III-General", "Illusionary Mah-jong House", "Bio-chemical Crisis" and "Quake III"– for bearing such unhealthy content such as violence, eroticism and gambling.

The Ministry of Culture has asked the culture departments at various levels to conduct a comprehensive check of websites concerning these banned games, and local communications departments and public security bureaux will investigate accordingly.

It has also been reported that four network companies–Beijing Hanwawa Software Company, Shenzhen Jinzhita Software Company, Shanghai Qile Information Technologies Company and Shanghai Yubi Computer Software Company–have been ordered to stop providing all Internet based cultural products as they do not have the proper licenses.


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