China Unicom is using its nationwide CDMA 1X network to roll out value-added telecoms services to grab a larger domestic market share.

"We've almost upgraded our entire CDMA network from 2G to 2.75G now," said Lu Jianguo, vice-president of China Unicom. The CDMA 1X network, which is regarded as 2.75G, has a transmission rate of up to 153.6 kilobytes per second (kbps).

Liu said that Unicom is in the process of co-operating with more than 600 content providers to provide varied value-added telecoms services. Services initiated by Unicom include video and photo e-mail, location-based services and fast wireless Internet access.

Currently, China Unicom has more than 6 million registered subscribers who are using the value-added telecom services based on the CDMA 1X network.


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