Through its partner in China, their network security appliance based on SOHOware's BroadGuard Firewall VPN solution has received approval for use in China's IT infrastructure.

Final certification has been received for security gateway applications by the overseeing body, the Computer & Information Systems Division of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS).

The BroadGuard BBR1000 offers SMB customers, including those with distributed offices, a Firewall and VPN solution. BroadGuard is available in two performance categories for 3DES encrypted tunneling; BBR1000 with 10Mbps throughput and BBR5000 with 70Mbps accelerator based throughput. Both BroadGuard models are powered by Intel IXP42X network processors to support a VPNC certified IPSec/IKE software engine utilizing PKI (x.509v3) certificates.

Requirements by the China agency address application scenarios that reflect real security requirements to protect business, user data and report management. Specific areas of testing include data protection, authentication policies, secure data transfers (HTTPS), trusted user protection, and performance statistics and log features.

In addition to VPN, the BBR1000 includes a Stateful Packet Inspection firewall with pre-defined security levels that prevent unauthorized access from the Internet and block attempts at Denial of Service. Over 60 DoS and DDoS patterns are embedded for protection from internal and external attacks. The firewall is based on an ICSA certified software offering packet filtering and integrated Intrusion Detection. Up to 200 inbound and outbound policies offer configurable access control, and include Application Layer Gateways within the NAT to enable business applications such as VoIP and video conferencing while maintaining Firewall protection.


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