UTStarcom (NASDAQ: UTSI), a provider of IP access networking and services, today introduced UT228–the first PAS (Personal Access System) handset model with Personal Identity Module (PIM) technology — at the PT/Expo Comm 2004 show in Beijing.

With the new PIM card technology, users are expected to be able to upgrade to newer PAS handset models without the need to change their phone number, potentially losing private information stored on their existing handsets, such as phone directories or text messages.

The introduction of the PIM card technology is also expected to enhance the PAS handset replacement market. Currently, the replacement rate for PAS handsets is approximately two percent, which is significantly less than the replacement rate percentage for GSM and CDMA handsets worldwide.

UTStarcom's PIM card-enabled UT228 PAS handset, which will also offer 64Kbps data rates, will be initially available to PAS and iPAS (IP-Based Personal Access System) subscribers in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. UTStarcom expects to offer additional PIM card-enabled handsets in the near future. UTStarcom plans to make the UT228 available in all countries using PAS and iPAS by late 2004.


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