Mr. Huang Chengqing, Secretary General of the Internet Society of China, has released a statement about ways he suggests Chinese netizens can deal with unsolicited commercial email.

Huang has put forward a strategy called "Four Blows" by which he says users can free their inboxes from unwanted email. First, he suggests users do not register email accounts with websites that do not have good privacy clauses. Second, he urges users to quickly delete spam when it arrives and to never respond to a message. Third, if a spam email contains a script that prompts for an automatic reply, it is in the users' best interests not to repond. Finally, Huang says netizens should choose a good name for their email accounts. For example, they should combine Pinyin (Romanized Chinese writing) with Arabic numerals, making it more difficult for spammers to randomly guess an email address.

Huang also called on more people to support China's anti-spam efforts and he hopes relevant laws and regulations will come out soon.

Chinese representatives from Spamhaus, the world's largest anti-spam organization, applauded Huang's statements and also urged Chinese technology system administrators to stop spam at the server-level. Spamhaus says this can be done by banning emails that arrive from Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are known to contain spammers.


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