Local media report from CNNIC's (China National Network Information Center) Web Address Resource Application Exhibition held in Shanghai that experts there are urging Chinese netizens to start using .cn domains instead of the more popular .com domain name extensions.

Registrations for .cn in China has increased to more than 400000, but CNNIC says there are still over 700000 .com registered domains registered to users in China. CNNIC reminds users that money paid when purchasing .com domains goes to overseas operators, while money for .cn domains stays in China.

CNNIC officials at the exhibition add that because information sent via .com websites goes outside of China, it is easy for foreign companies and governments to monitor the information. This situation can be dangerous and harmful to China's state information security because of the type of information potentially sent to overseas operators. Because of this threat, CNNIC urges netizens to instead use websites with .cn extensions, where, obstensibly, they can themselves better track usage within China.


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