A new Chinese gaming rating system called the "Green Games Recommendation Standard" was formally released yesterday by the China Youth Network Association. The new system, similar to ratings for movies, will rank games based on different criteria.

Game software will be divided into five levels. The levels correspond to: a) players of all ages; b) junior high school level; c) senior high school level; d) 18 years and over level; and e) a dangerous level.

The levels will be defined based on a 12-category system. Those categories are violence, eroticism, terror, social ethics, cultural content, PK (People Killing) behaviors in the game, illegal conduct, cleanliness and civility of the text in the game, social order within the game, images, time limit and social responsibilities.

China Youth Network Association will authenticate the games for free in accordance with the above standards before recommending them to players of appropriate ages. Games passing the first three levels and relevant hearings will be labled "Green Games" and popularized nationwide, while "Dangerous Level" games will be submitted to advisory departments for review.


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