LSI Logic (LSI) and Datang have extended a

licensing agreement for LSI Logic to include the ZSP540 digital signal processor (DSP) for use in Datang's 3G wireless applications.

LSI Logic says Datang selected the ZSP540 core for its ability to deliver quad-MAC capabilities at the system cost of a dual-MAC core, low power consumption and best-in-class code density, making it ideal for the demands of high bandwidth 3G baseband processing with media-rich applications. Datang will also use the ZSP core in a number of other applications that require cost-effective, high performance parallel DSP compute performance.

Datang is augmenting its DSP processing solutions with the ZSP540, which allows immediate usability in 3G wireless designs. The ZSP540 can run software written for other ZSP cores, providing a scalable path for core selection with maximum design reusability.

"The ZSP architecture and cores selection provide us with competitive solutions to address our processing requirements as we continue to drive our leadership in the wireless handset market in China," said Zhao Lun, CEO of

Datang Microelectronics. "The ZSP540 core provides optimal system cost and outstanding signal processing capabilities that are required for baseband and applications processing tasks in 3G wireless applications."


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