China Netcom is still seeing a large exodus of clients and users after some of its servers were were rendered inoperational last week.

According to local media, the servers of about a thousand users are still not functioning properly after last week's shutdown. This weekend, as the problems continued, many users were still leaving the company's services, while many others are asking for compensation.

It is still unclear exactly what happened to cause the servers to stop functioning. At first, reports said that unknown hackers had compromised the company's servers. However other reports issued by people close to Netcom said that the problem was caused by Zhongsuo Digital Center, a lessee of China Netcom's computer room, who failed to pay its monthly fees.

The latter seems more likely as representatives from Zhongsuo Digital Center say they are currently negotiating with China Netcom to solve the issue.

China Netcom has not made a clear announcement though of what happened to their servers.


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