China's real estate powerhouse Jindian Group has spent nearly CNY200 million on EVD in the past couple of years, leaving many others in the property industry wondering what could be so special about the new technology.

Jindian has again shocked the industry today by investing CNY3 billion with Polly Culture Group to build 200000 EVD digital cinemas in the second and third tier cities of China.

According to Mr. Zhang Baoquan, president of Jindian, their reason for doing so is mainly because of the huge market potential in those cities, for at present, almost all digital cinemas are only crowded in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Another reason is that EVD is more advantageous in terms of costs. Zhang disclosed that they had already started constructing EVD cinemas in some non-profit establishments and plan to collect the cost by selling disk copyrights and EVD cinemas.

Zhang added that he hopes the government will make some favorable policies in support of EVD.


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