Seven netizen representatives including a Ms. Zhang from Haikou, Dong Ge from Shijiangzhuang and a user whose alias translates as "Wolf Owner" from Ningbo came to's Beijing offices to ask the website operator to allow the users back into online chatrooms.

Local media say that the initial meeting with representatives took place on December 21, and that closed those chatrooms because they contained pornographic information.

The users said that the pornographic information was not created by themselves and therefore they should be allowed to re-open the chat areas and have their user accounts fully reinstated. says that the company is complying with national laws that forbid "unhealthy" and "sexually-related information" to pass through its servers.

During the negotiations, it was discovered that the group of seven bought completed "chatrooms" from local sales representatives of without reading the relevant contracts which require the owners of each room to be responsible for the content within them. In consideration of that, has agreed to temporarily allow the rooms to be re-opened, pending investigations by local law enforcement that show neither the owners or purposefully placed pornographic content with them.


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